Games and Activities


a fun way for guests to break the ice, remain interested, and maybe even provide the bride or Mother-To-Be a nice keepsake.  Games do not include prizes, but if you'd like them included, options and prices are listed below.

Bridal /BabyBingo

     Before opening gifts, guests will fill in empty boxes with gifts they think the Mother-To-Be or Bride will receive.  A line or four corners wins a BINGO prize.  This keeps gift opening fun and interesting!

Who is Guilty?


For Bridal Showers, Bride or Groom, for Baby Showers, Mom or Dad?  A fun game to decide who is "guilty" of each question.

Bracelet Game


For Bridal Showers - A fun game with cute keepsakes!  This is a great ice breaker game for guests.

Sweetest Wishes


For Bridal and Baby Showers - A way for guests to share their well-wishes for the bride and groom or future baby and a great keepsake for the honoree to read afterward. Can be used as a guestbook instead which will come with a photobook for the Bride or Mother-To-Be to keep.



For Bridal and Baby Showers - A way for the Bride or Mother-To -Be to gain inspiration for new traditions in their growing family.
For Bridal and Baby Showers - A quick game with little guest participation.  A good one to get the event started or as a break for gift-opening.

Pass the Gift    

Other Games

What's in your purse?
     A game for guests to earn points for the more items they have from a list. 
Midnight Diaper
    Baby Showers - A game for guests to put fun notes to the parents when they're changing their newborn.  Bonus: extra diapers for parents to be!
How Many Kisses
    For Bridal and Baby Showers - Fill a jar, vase, baby bottle, etc. with Hershey's kisses and ask for guesses on how many are in there.  The person with the closest guess wins!
Diaper Raffle
    For Baby Showers - Featured here.  A fun raffle where guests earn tickets by bringing packages of diapers!
Do you have other ideas?
    See something at another party, on Pinterest, or just have an idea?  Explain it to Derrin and she'll be sure to put it together for you!
Not sure what to give as prizes?
    Derrin will create prizes unique to  your theme.  Specific prices will vary and can be discussed.
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