Guest Books

A guestbook is the ideal keepsake to commemorate your event and the beloved  guests  who were there to celebrate for the guest of honor. Choose one of the sentimental guest book ideas below, or talk to Derrin about another one!  These are wonderful ways for the guest on honor to, not only remember who supports and celebrates in her achievements, but also for her future self, or future baby, to look back on fondly.


Bridal or Baby Shower - A white  ceramic vase will be provided with paint pen for guests to sign and Bride to keep

Mad Lib

Bridal or Baby Shower - Guests will have a personalized Mad Lib to complete.  Shower Host will be given a photobook to insert completed Mad Libs as a keepsake for the Bride or Mother-To-Be.

Shutterfly Book

Bridal or Baby Shower - Additional $40 - Either engagement photos or maternity photos will be arranged on  a Shutterfly book for guests to sign and Bride or Mom-To-Be to keep.  Also makes for a great wedding day guest book for wedding guests to add to! Host must provide photos.


Bridal or Baby Shower - Guests sign a Jenga piece with a well wish for the bride, baby, or Mother-To-Be

 Large Champagne Bottle

Bridal Shower - Guests sign a large Champagne bottle for the bride to enjoy on her first anniversary.  Bottle and paint pen are provided.

Wood Letter


Bridal or Baby Shower - Guests sign a large Wooden Letter of your choice for the bride or Mother-To-Be to use as decor.  Letter and pen to sign are provided.

 Nursery Book


Baby Shower - Guests sign a nursery book for the Mother-To-Be to keep.  Book and pens provided

Lipstick frame and favor -  Matte frame with guest lipstick smooches for them to keep as favors then each guest's signature - Additional $75

Thumbprint - Themed picture with each guest using ink and their thumbprint with a well wish for a beautiful display in the honoree's home.

Paper Onesie or Flower- Guests sign a onesie or flower for the Bride or Mother-To-Be to keep and read.  This could also be used as an activity.

See something on Pinterest?  Have another idea? Let's make it happen!  Inquire for pricing!

Other Ideas

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